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Bug #11 - jscoverage-server does not work with doh (dojo)

Submitted by: Anonymous
Date submitted: 2009-06-11 00:02:04 UTC
Status: Open
DOH test script works with the instrumented dojo but not with the
jscoverage-server. A print dialog box always come up with jscoverage-server on
DOH test script (*.html). All DOH DIJIT test script is getting the same problem.

I see the
is also running the instrumented DOJO code. 

Is there a reason why jscoverage-server does not work with DOH?
Submitted by: Ed
Date submitted: 2009-06-11 15:07:25 UTC
Are you running DOH inside the jscoverage.html iframe?  I am planning to add a
section to the FAQ for specifically for DOH but if you look at the FAQ answer
for "Can JSCoverage be used with JsUnit?" it is basically the same problem: DOH,
like JsUnit, does not work well when run inside an iframe.

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