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Air+Dojo+YUI ?

Posted: 2010-08-12 1:14 pm
by jampal
We have an application that is built on Adobe Air and DOJO.
I used DOH to write my unit tests.
I instrumented our code using JSCoverage and after running my DOH test I could see the coverage for our code.

That was great...
Lately we did some refactoring and also started using a few YUI component.
I follow the same steps as I did before. (Listing them below)

1. jscoverage src_dir Instr_dir (I instrument all our internal JS files).
2. In my TestRunner.html I made sure I reference the correct directory where to ref the js files (Instr_dir)
3. In my TestRunner.html I have a button to open the coverage results -'../js/Instr_dir/jscoverage.html')

But now when jscoverage.html launches it is empty and I do not see any src files listed there nor do I see any coverage
Any thought on what could have happened and how I could fix this problem


Re: Air+Dojo+YUI ?

Posted: 2010-08-12 7:40 pm
by Ed
I'm not really familiar with Adobe AIR ... are you running the tests using the AIR runtime? Or are you running the tests in an ordinary web browser?

Re: Air+Dojo+YUI ?

Posted: 2010-08-13 2:40 pm
by jampal
Air runtime

Re: Air+Dojo+YUI ?

Posted: 2010-08-13 9:45 pm
by Ed
I don't know if the problem is AIR-related and I don't know anything specific about debugging AIR applications, but if you have some way of inspecting global variables, you can try looking for the global _$jscoverage object after your tests are run. This is where all the coverage data should be stored. It should be present in both the TestRunner.html window and in the jscoverage.html window.