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Hey guys,

Great work on JSCoverage. I'm trying to add code coverage into FuncUnit, a JS functional testing framework that I work on, and JSCoverage is a perfect fit. The problem is JSCoverage is GPL and FuncUnit is a part of JavaScriptMVC, which is MIT licensed.

I want to package JSCoverage in FuncUnit, but you can't put a GPL licensed project inside an MIT licensed project. Anything that packages a GPL licensed project has to also become a GPL project.

Why did you choose GPL as your license? Would you guys consider releasing an MIT licensed version of JSCoverage?

Brian Moschel
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Re: License?

Post by Ed »

I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice.

JSCoverage is based on SpiderMonkey, which is tri-licensed GPL/LGPL/MPL. It might be possible to release a version of JSCoverage under the LGPL or MPL license, but not the MIT license.

However, the GPL explicitly mentions that a "mere aggregation" of a GPL program and a non-GPL program in the same package does not require the entire package to be under the GPL. (So it is possible to distribute JSCoverage with other software which is non-GPL.) See also the discussion here: ... bfab718ff1#
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