Insrumenting code within jar

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Insrumenting code within jar

Post by shurymury » 2007-08-09 6:41 am

Any support for this feature available?

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Post by siliconforks » 2007-08-09 1:51 pm

Hello shurymury, thanks for your inquiry.

The jscoverage program does not know how to instrument JavaScript files within a .jar file. Of course, you could simply unpack the .jar file, run jscoverage on the unpacked files, and repack the files in a .jar.

I think the main issue here is this: How are the JavaScripts within the .jar file ultimately being executed? Are they being executed by a web browser or by something else (e.g., a Java Virtual Machine)? Currently JSCoverage works only for JavaScript executed in a web browser.

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Re: Insrumenting code within jar

Post by trailblazer » 2008-04-11 10:44 am

once i jar it with instrumented js file do i check the coverage for that.....

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