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New Features for JSCoverage

Posted: 2012-06-01 7:01 pm
by failurite
We are trying to incorporate JSCoverage into our processes and there are a few things that haven't been ideal compared with other coverage tools we've used.

* Summary coverage percentages for each directory.
* Excluding or including is jsCoverage-server at a finer grained level. I want to include a folder foo/foobar, but I want to exclude any files in the root of foo.
* Files that have 0 coverage aren't showing up at all. I have a test that tests 2 of 3 files in a folder 100%, all I see are the two files that are being covered and it shows 100%, this makes me thing the entire folder is 100%.
* Number of lines in the files aren't shown. Often we want to prioritize where to focus our coverage energies, a 1000 line file with 1% coverage is a much better place to start then a 10 line file with 1% coverage.

I think the tool is great, and as far as I have seen this blows away any other JS coverage tool.