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JSCoverage + Google Closure Tools

Posted: 2010-10-19 4:40 am
by gatapia
Hi All,

I'm trying to use JSCoverage with a google closure project. Has anyone had any luck doing this? Closure projects have custom javascript file loading (using goog.require / goog.provide mechanism). Perhaps this is whats causing the troubles in my case? What I have now is:
- Instrumented code (looks instrumented)
- Running JSUnit tests inside the JSCoverage tester correctly
- I verified that JSUnit tests are running the instrumented code
- Once tests complete I check summary and have no data there (Total: 0, 0, 0)

Any advice?

Thanks All

Guido Tapia

Re: JSCoverage + Google Closure Tools

Posted: 2010-10-19 4:43 am
by Guest
Please ignore. You know that really big, red 'Warning: loading jscoverage.html using a file: URL is deprecated' message?

Well I missed it :(

Apologies for time wasting